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What exactly does monitoring provide?


Visual examinations -
Accurate and versatile information

These tests can already provide farmers with enormous information, whether it is about stem counting, wildlife damage or plant coverage. On the map compiled from high-resolution images, you can even zoom in to leaf level. In this way, you can save valuable time and money, and it is easier to keep an eye on the land.

növény tápanyag hiány

Multispectral studies - 
For results invisible to the naked eye

With these tests, you can find out the most about our plants, as it works on light spectrums that are not visible to the naked eye, so we can detect incipient or existing nutrient deficiencies or diseases, or potential stress points, even at the leaf level. In this way, we can easily and quickly save many valuable crops with appropriate interventions.

Idősoros összehasonlítás

Chronologically comparable results

It is important to be able to compare the tests chronologically. For this, we have all the necessary tools and software at our disposal, which makes it visible to the farmer how efficient the cultivation and management of the field has been so far, or what changes are necessary to achieve the highest possible yield and best quality.

növénybetegség kimutatása, jelei

Increase in yield, or decrease in losses and cut expenses

The most important and most tangible effect can be described with these properties. Whether we want to achieve an increase in yield or our ever-increasing expenses, or we want to reduce our losses (be it plant protection agents, nutrient or fertilizer application, diseases appearing in more and more places, possible stress effects), it is definitely worth giving surveys a try.

öntözés, trágyázás hatékonyság növelés

The results are compatible with precision farming machines

We can easily import the results into the systems of machines capable of precision application, thus the integration can also work easily. Ultimately, with the help of drone surveying, we can further improve the efficiency of our chemicals, irrigation and fertilization.

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