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Mezőgazdasági felmérés, vadkár, drónfelmérés

Agricultural drone plant protection and surveys

Agricultural drones in the service of precision agriculture

AgrAir drónos permetezés és drónos felmérések Magyarországon

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Welcome to AgrAir

Would you like to assess your crops? Whether it's visual or multispectral tests, search with confidence to get the best possible picture of the condition of your plants. In addition, or in connection with this, we also undertake drone plant protection work throughout the country.




Agricultural drone surveys

  • Plant stock survey

  • Plant development survey

  • Weeding survey

  • Wildlife damage survey

  • Nutrient supply survey

  • Stock count

  • Stress assessment 


These are just a few examples of the possibilities...

The stock survey carried out with an agricultural drone can be of great use not only in the cultivation of crops in the field, but also in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, and in the care of vineyards.

Why is it good? Let's see!

  • Yield estimation

  • Yield increase - accurate monitoring of the development of vegetation

  • Cost reduction 

  • Savings in pesticides: differential application 

  • Significantly more and more accurate information about the given agricultural field


Drone Spraying

Advantages of drone spraying:

  • Complete elimination of trampling damage (avoidance of 10-15% yield loss)

  • More precise, accurate application

  • Less water required (requires 10-20 times less water)

Can be used successfully:

  • For desiccation

  • For foliar fertilization

  • For applying fungicides and insecticides

  • For weed control


We also undertake drone work in various field crops, orchards, vineyards and vegetable plantations.



Zsuzsanna Krajcovics

I graduated as an agricultural engineer, and I am currently studying agricultural biotechnology, so I can provide specific help to farmers.

tőszámlálás és multispektrális tápanyag ellátottság felmérés

Adam Horváth

My project grew out of my love for drones and flying. I want to help and participate in the agriculture of the future. I work with the most reliable systems and equipment available on the market, so I can guarantee high-quality work.



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Mezőgazdasági drón

Adam: +36/70-315-4645

Zsuzsanna: +36/20-235-6734

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