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Drone Spraying

  • No tread damage

  • Up to 90% water savings

  • Precise and precise application

  • Even in hard-to-reach places (hillside, condition after rain, rice fields)

  • Competent and flexible team

How do we work?

Our spraying drone is a DJI Agras T20, which can deliver 20 liters of juice. For arable crops, this is approx. 2 hectares with one charge. Depending on the field, we are capable of up to 15 hectares/hour. Its intelligent GPS-based controller allows us to ensure that no area is left uncovered or that we do not spray anything more than once. We can return to a previously recorded spot and continue the same way at any time. Due to the GPS and ground tracking and obstacle avoidance radar, we can perfectly carry out the  work in the dark and at night. If there is a need for it, we undertake the mixing and water delivery, thus the entire process of spraying for the farmers.

Permetező drón szolgáltató
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